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YouTube Wants You to See the World From Every Angle

April 21, 2016

YouTube on Monday announced the rollout of live-streaming 360-degree video and spatial audio, part of the company's push to boost its reach in the growing market for immersive video and virtual reality.

The company has provided support for 360-degree video for more than a year, but it has bee…

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Google Calendar Offers Life-Coaching Goals Feature

April 19, 2016

Google last week rolled out Goals in Google Calendar, a feature designed to help users achieve their personal goals.

Users set a goal, such as working out more often, and answer relevant questions, such as how often they want to work out and the best time for them to do so. Calendar then will…

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HP Debuts Thinnest Laptop Ever

April 13, 2016

 HP on Tuesday unveiled its latest challenger to Apple's laptops at the International Luxury Conference in Versailles, touting it as the thinnest laptop in the world.

At 10.4 mm, the HP Spectre's chassis is as thin as a triple-A battery, the company noted.



The Spectre is powered by …

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ALL you need to know about whatsapp's new end to end encryption policy

April 12, 2016

WhatsApp on Tuesday told its 1 billion users that their communications would be better protected from prying eyes with end-to-end encryption.

The company always has made data and communication security a priority, according to Jan Koum and Brian Acton, the founders of WhatsApp, which Facebook…

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Facebook Plots Secret Chat for Messenger

April 5, 2016

Facebook apparently has been working on mobile pay and secret chat features for its Messenger app, according to a report published this week by The Information, based on clues found in extracted software code on Messenger for iPhone.


Commands embedded in the software hint at secret conversat…

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Build 2016: Microsoft announces new free development tools for developers

April 1, 2016

SAN FRANCISCO: Technology giant Microsoft has unveiled new free development tools for its developers including those in India to help them easily build apps and reach the largest possible number of customers.

On the second day of its annual developers' conference 'Build 2016' here, Microsoft ann…

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Amazon Echo: Get Your Uber Rides, Pizza Pies and Hit Music Here

February 12, 2016

Amazon last week added Uber calling, Spotify listening and Domino's pizza ordering to its growing list of functions available to Echo's voice-activated speakers and Alexa software.

Users need only to ask Alexa to call an Uber or an UberX, which is one of the various levels of the Uber private…

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WhatsApp to remain free, denies plans to launch ads.

January 18, 2016


Mobile messaging service WhatsApp, owned by Facebook Inc, said it will no longer charge annual subscription fees and plans to test tools to allow users to communicate directly with businesses and organizations via the app.

WhatsApp, which has 900 million users worldwide and works across dif…

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Move Over, R2-D2! NASA Already Has Plenty of Robots in Space

December 21, 2015

Robots in space aren't limited to science fiction: NASA has a long list of robotic technology currently operating in orbit and benefiting humans, even though astronauts don't yet have anything like a trusty R2-D2 bleeping comments and questions.

The space agency recently released a list of robotic…

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Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Winter Edition With 128GB Inbuilt Storage Launched

December 18, 2015

  Samsung has launched the Galaxy Note 5 Winter Edition in its home nation South Korea. The highlight of the phablet is its 128GB internal storage, a capacity which isn't available with the Galaxy Note 5 which ‚Äčwas launched despite some confusion (http://gadgets.ndtv.com/mobiles/news/samsung-ga…

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This Independence Day, here are five tech projects that can change our country

August 14, 2015

Free WiFi for people who dispose trash into dustbins, a smartphone app to take care of parking woes, an arterial pulse analyser to help diagnose cardiovascular diseases, an SMS vaccination reminder service, or even a platform to combat child trafficking. While citizens of all walks of life irres…

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Broken Windows and 12 Hours of Missing Time

August 12, 2015

The fact that Microsoft has posted a Web page for users to Get help with Windows 10 upgrade and installation errors probably is just the latest sign that the release of its new -- and highly anticipated -- operating system has some problems that need to be resolved.

It appears things haven't be…

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The Key to Apple Watch Success: Getting Enough Right the First Time

August 9, 2015

I still find wry joy in all the "Apple Watch Tanks" headlines from early July. There are some great gems, like "Apple Watch is a FLOP: Sales of the gadget have fallen by 90 percent since April, report claims" or "Analyst: Apple Watch selling worse than thought."

Trouble is, the reports and estima…

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Teens Find Real Friends in the Online Jungle

August 9, 2015

Teens have been using digital media to create bonds that extend well beyond playing games like Call of Duty or engaging in spirited Twitter exchanges, according to a study Pew Research released Thursday.

Along with likes and shares and tags and retweets have come beefing, berating, trolling…

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Four Standalone Gadgets That are Still Better Than Your Smartphone

August 6, 2015

When Apple announced new iPod music players a few weeks ago, many people asked why anyone would need iPods when smartphones can play music and more. I had that question myself - until I remembered I've been carrying an iPod almost every day, mostly for my runs.

Of course, this means one more thin…

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Airtel Launches Pan-India 4G Mobile Services in 296 Towns

August 6, 2015

Bharti Airtel on Thursday announced the launch of its 4G LTE mobile services in 296 towns across the country.Announcing the launch, Gopal Vittal, MD & CEO, Bharti Airtel (India & South Asia), said, "At Airtel, the customer is at the heart of everything we do and therefore we first opened our 4G netw…

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Intel ups referral bonus to achieve more diversity in its workforce

August 5, 2015

Intel will offer thousands of dollars in cash bonuses to employees who refer women, minorities, and veterans to its workforce.

The chipmaker will pay up to $4,000 in bonuses to employees who refer a woman, minority, or veteran to its workforce, the company confirmed in a statement to the Wall St…

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Microsoft acquires Incent Games; aims to boost sales through games

August 4, 2015

Microsoft announced on Monday that it has bought a startup with a winning way of using game play to boost the performance of sales teams. Microsoft did not disclose financial terms of the deal in which it acquired Texas-based Incent Games, developer of the online platform FantasySalesTeam.

The p…

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Four reasons why Windows 10 is better than Windows 8

August 1, 2015

 As Microsft has already started rolling out it's much-talked about Windows 10, we bring you four reasons why the latest operating system is better than its predecessor Windows 8.

  1. WINDOWS APPS OPEN AS WINDOWS:Apps for Windows 8 were designed to take up the full screen, just like tablets. Alt…

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